Shipping Policy

We now offer shipping to US, Canada and 240 other countries worldwide.

We ship within 2-10 business days from purchase. Shipping will depend on the purchasers location and the postal service used for shipping when the item(s) will be received. Typically no item will take longer than 30 calendar days to be received excluding weekends and holidays for domestic US shipping. Tracking numbers are provided for shipments. Shipping to Canada may take 4-6 weeks depending on postal shipping times.

All other international shipping may take up to 60 days. 

We do not offer any express shipping. 

We do not guarantee that your package will be received by a certain day.

Not all items will be shipped at the same time. We want to insure all items are received timely, and we send items as soon as possible. It is possible that our customers will receive items on different days.

We charge a flat fee of $3.75 for shipping domestically to the US and it's territories.

We charge a flat fee of $10.00 to Canada.

We charge a flat fee of $20.00 to all other countries worldwide.

All orders of $100 or over ship free to US and Canada.

Most items ship USPS, however some ship UPS, DHL, and FedEx.

Some items are sourced from China and may have a China Post tracking number

For questions about shipping times and policy please email