Peppermint Dream Boutique Influencer Partner Program



What can Peppermint Dream Boutique offer you? We are a small online only boutique and we are still in our growing phase. We are looking for one to two influencers with an active social media following, it doesn't have to be a huge following, just engaged. We are offering a $100 per month gift card along with 12% commission on all purchases made via social media link. As we grow, we hope to be able increase the commission and amount of clothing per month. In addition to receiving free gift card per month you will also automatically receive 20% off any items you would like to purchase yourself.

Please make sure to provide your contact information so we can contact you to determine if you meet our needs. Please know that we are not accepting very many influencers so if you apply we are very carefully determining who we will work with. Our goal is to grow our following and hope to establish a long term relationship with those we work with so we can grow together. If you are selected we will reach out to go over our terms, what we offer and mutual expectations.

While we do not have any specific qualifications to work with us, we would prefer you have an Instagram and at least one additional social media platform that you use.

Our goal is to showcase our high quality and affordable priced items with the woman that knows herself, and know exactly what she is looking for. Our mission is to carry easy to wear and trendy items without compromising quality or price. Check out our website and if you think you would be a good fit please complete the affiliate details and we will be in contact. 

You can find our influencer affiliate signup page by clicking HERE. Click the "Join Now" button and be sure to follow the instructions. If you have any questions please contact us at